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Opening day of the New City Playground!

Who Is Hilltop?

Hilltop is sometimes called a "Little City With A Big Heart" because it manages to capture the feeling of a small town while being part of a busy suburban area.  Hilltop's  957 residents are only minutes away from the Twin Cities.  Evolving from a dairy farm, to a golf course, to a riding academy, to a modern manufactured home community and more, the city's seeds were planted in 1948 with a post-war boom of manufactured homes.  Rapid development in the 1950's required that water and sewer facilities be constructed to support the growing population.  Hilltop was incorporated as a city in 1956.  The first manufactured home park had 50 sites, and to this day the family of the original owners still own and operate that park.  Hilltop relies on its close neighbor Columbia Heights for its fire and police service, but handles its own water and sewer services. The city makes recycling easy by offering free bi-weekly curbside pick-ups, as well as special spring and fall cleanup and recycle days.  The playground was even built by volunteer members of the community.  Annually the community also has a summer picnic welcoming new neighbors, and conversing with old friends.  That is why we feel that "A Little City With a Big Heart" fits us well.